BOYS PLEASE HELP. what is he thinking?

So theres this guy in my school in the grade above me (11th grade im in 10th) we have never talked but I think hes cute. A while ago he liked one of my photos on Facebook, it was an old one which you had too look trough all of my photos to find. after that nothing happened. Yesterday i got sick of waiting and my friend snap chatted him on my phone asking him who he is.

he replyed.

I sent him: sorry that was my friend nat she took my phone.

him: its cool

me: so do you go to jds?( our school)

him: yea like my whole life

me: cool its my second year

him: why did you leave your old school

me: it ended in 8th

him: jds is pretty cool

me; i like it it was hard adjusting tho

him: so whats up

me: studying

him: fun

me: haha so whats up

him: studying at 10 is whats up

me : nicee

after this we stopped because he didn't reply keep in mind this convo was over 3 hours. remember i havenever talked to him before this. I saw him in the hall way today and i saw him but idk if he saw me he looked at his phone as he was walking. in your perception what do you think he is thinking? we have never talked and he messaged me back everytime i sent him a snap. should i send him one after school just to keep things moving? what is he thinking about me? why did he respond to my snap chat? HELLLLLPPPPPPME

1 Answer

  • tj
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    i dont think hes really thinking anything at this point, it looks like a conversation someone would use if they dont really care and their not anticipating much of anything. you really need to get to know him for a while before you can start reading him enough to figure some of this out, my advice is to have low expectations till you get to know him a bit.

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