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A good quilting machine?

I am starting to get into quilting and would like a good machine for it but I have no idea where to start, except Brothers brand or Juki brand. I do not want to spend too much but I still want a good machine.


I want a machine that can go through multiple layers that can be thick.

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    For making ordinary quilts (pieced quilts or appliqued quilts), any machine that will sew a straight stitch will work just fine, and a zigzag stitch if you want to do machine applique (which all non-vintage machines have).

    If you want to then do "free motion quilting" on your quilt sandwich, again most any machine these days will allow the feed dogs to be lowered and many have special feet if you want too. (The best machine for doing that though is a "long arm" quilting machine and they are expensive and quite large...some places will rent time on them however.)

    As for sewing multiple layers, any standard sewing machine will sew through the multiple layers required for making quilts --unless you want to use leather, 4 layers of denim, or something like that to make a "quilt." If you have several layers of denim, etc, you can also just use a special needle in a standard machine ("jeans needle," etc.), which is sharper and stiffer, etc.

    Check out my previous answers about buying a new sewing machine and their differences (as well as info on sewing in general for beginners) here though. Any of those machines would also be suitable for making quilts:

    And check out my answer here too if you want loads of info on quilting for beginners (which will have links to those answers collected in one place):


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    quilting machine for what. putting the squares together? you can use any machine.

    There are some that have a longer arm

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