In 1898 congress annexed Hawaii manly because?

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  • 8 years ago
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    They needed a place to test the SuperFerry...

    You know, you can get your answer in Wikipedia...

  • Kono
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    8 years ago

    Ok, so maybe this a homework thing, maybe not, either way, you ask good question, an I try an help, yeah? For sure it mostly bout sugar, and cheap source for US, and good market for sugar cane grow hea Hawaii, ok? Now, relationship of US to Hawaii go back to 1840's, when US tell Britain and France to leave Hawaii alone, cause they try and force Hawaiian government to trade only with them, but Daniel Webster, who Secretary of State tell both country to "go away", and for sure, they did, so Hawaii have protector inna US, ok? Now of course Hawaii have maybe best natural harbor in alla world, that be Pearl Harbor, and for sure we produce sugar cane, and for sure we mid-Pacific military base, and refueling/provisioning base for whaler fleet, so US see possibility, yeah? Now, for sure lotta otha stuff, read bout Queen Lili, give you idea what brought onna rebellion, and for sure, read bout how we had to wait till Alaska become a state to have them atta same time, but for sure, Sugar gotta be big dog inna hunt as to why Hawaii get annex, ok? Peace and aloha to you!

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    Please post your question in the HOMEWORK HELP section.

    (to establish military bases in the Pacific).

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