Small homemade gifts for a large group?

So, on holidays we always go to my grandmas and have a little gift at our dinner spot for the entire family (ages 6-75). So, around valentines day it'll be heard chocolate, easter will be easter eggs, etc. Just a small little something for everyone.

I was hoping to do the same for christmas but i want to make something homemade to give to everyone (26 of us) but im aiming for it to not be food. Or if it is food make it look super christmasy.

Any ideas?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Check Pinterest! They have tons of DIY ideas. A few I've gotten from there are:

    - Toilet paper roll treats! You take toilet paper rolls and wrap them in christmas paper. Then you put something inside, like a small bag of candy or a small ornament. Whatever will fit. Wrap the entire gift in plastic, tie up the sides, and viola.

    - Ornaments. Take clear plastic ornaments and fill them with acrylic paint. Pour out the excess, and you have shiny, glass looking colorful ornaments.

    - Hand scrubs. Take mason jars or whatever you can find and fill about halfway with sugar. Fill the rest with liquid soap, close and tie it up with ribbon, and you've got yourself some handscrubs(:

    - For a cheaper gift, buy lots of pretzel sticks and m&m's. Melt some chocoalate, dip the pretzels in, then cover them with m&m's. Stack them on a Christmas tray and it makes for a cute holiday snack.

    These are only a few, but hopefully I gave you some inspiration! Good luck :)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Why not make her or buy her a gift basket. You could have candy or chocolate in it, coffee in it, hot chocolate, tea, sausage and cheese, home baked goods there are many different ideas.

  • Tigger
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    8 years ago

    Write them each a poem and print it out in a pretty script on shiny paper then put it in a neat frame...

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hmm, what about a homemade ornament each? Get a big back of clear ornaments and decorate them. Then hand them out, maybe write their names on it in a pretty paint pen and use it as their place setting. I hope this helped.

    Source(s): Merry Christmas! :)
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