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How do those around you perceive your fitness lifestyle changes?

I asked this question earlier but it was late at night. I figured I'd ask now too.

Do you eat different foods than those around you (family, friends, etc)? Do they get frustrated? Or are they supportive and understanding of what you're doing?

Thank you for your answers!

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    For me, I still live at home and my mom understands and supports me, she never gets frustrated because she's trying to be more healthy too :) We go hiking together all the time and make healthy breakfasts together and dinner. My boyfriend says he's happy i'm being healthy but then when I see him on the weekend he will have no groceries at home so he'll just want to go out when I want to make my own meals which causes fights sometimes. I'll ask him to go for a run with me or something on the weekend and he'll say "yeah sure!" but then will sleep in and then wont want to go which causes fights sometimes too. My best friend supports it because he's a dancer but because he burns so many calories he'll eat junky food infront of me which sucks.

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    I am lucky, in that most of my friends and family understand that I want to lose weight.

    I went to a friend's house for a pizza evening a few weeks ago. I took a marinated chicken breast to grill, and made up some couscous with herbs and veg to take as well - I wasn't made to feel like an oddity by not eating pizza, cupcakes etc, but my friends all respected the effort I was making.

    I was measuring my alcohol intake as well - by the end of it, a couple of my friends were so into it they were trying to get 63.5ml white wine measured out exactly!!

    There was one girl there, who tried to make me eat a cupcake - I probably would have done it, the way she was wafting it in front of my face, but the hosts, my fiance and her boyfriend all got rather cross at her on my behalf!!

    I think if your friends and family know you are serious about it, they tend to be very supportive - they want you to be happy :-)

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