Quick iPhone 5 question.?

I am on the tmobile network. Recently tmobile started selling the nano sim cards that are compatible with the latest iPhone.

My question is: let's say I purchase an unlocked iPhone 5 from..Verizon or whoever sells unlocked iPhones. And then go to tmobile and purchase the compatible sim card. Will I be on the 4G network/the fastest one? Will I keep the same number? Also please clarify the term "unlocked", I hope to god it doesn't mean jailbroken, because a while ago I got an "unlocked" iPhone 3GS, it was jailbroken, the damn thing could barely pick up EDGE network. I don't want spend close to $400 on a phone that runs extremely slow.


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  • Andi
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    8 years ago
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  • 8 years ago

    no.and if you do get a verizon iphone and go to t-mobile and try to get that phone working.it wouldnt work because they are both on different networks. and for your info jailbreaking it isnt worth it because those web sites are scams and make your iphone never work again.and it doesnt run slow.

  • 8 years ago


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