Will these tires rub fenders?

Vehicle: 2003 BMW 330ci w/ sport suspension

So, I have wheels and suspension ready to go on, I'm just looking to buy tires now.. but I'm sort of hesitant on the size because I've been hearing different things around the forums, so I decided asking on here wouldn't hurt either.

Wheel specs: VMR 718, 19x8.5 fronts, 19x9.5 rears, et33, et35.

Suspension: h&r race springs

Will 225/35 & 235/35 tires rub on NON rolled fenders..? About an inch drop all around below stock sport suspension, with h&r race springs.

I'd like to stay away from rolling fenders if I can.

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.


1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Oversized tires on any wheels, 18 or 19 inch, will have to be checked for interference with or without passengers. Lowered cars will need to be double checked for clearance, air pressure, and diagonal tire cross section size. Both front axle and rear axle should be double checked.

    Source(s): Tire shop experience.
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