Need advice?! Please? :) 10pts!?

I’m playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition and am a Celestial status God.. My character has pretty much everything made for him... Like has extremely good weapons AND artifacts (swords, staffs, etc.). I am the God of lightning and my sphere is thought... I am powerful... and can use/go into the time-stream continuum but... Now, the God of Time (Chronos, in my game) a FULL hierarch has offered me a favor. WHAT SHOULD I REQUEST OF HIM?! I can already go in time/time travel, etc. I can already cast awesome spells.. Have an awesome navy, lots of money, powerful friends, etc... Dang it, I can’t decide! :P What should his favor be?! Example: To make an artifact. BUT tell me the ABILITIES.... etc. load it up w/abilities.. lol... But I really DONT want an artifact tho.. unless its all u can think of. :”)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Not the appropriate section. I believe there is a dedicated games board.This one is for real history.

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