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Kitty asked in Social SciencePsychology · 8 years ago

Are people who try to fix others emotionally?

just trying to fix what is wrong with themselves?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    People who try to fix others are probably clueless to the fact that people aren't machines that need fixing and that they can't be "fixed".

    People can definitely change if they choose to and with some professional help.

    Yeah, maybe doctors are just trying to fix what's wrong with themselves, those poor, six figures plus yearly fools.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hey I'm just trying to help peop- Oh.

    However I don't think trained professionals count.

    There is no overall "yes" or "no" to this question, for example you might be the friend of someone with emotional issues and not want that suffering to to be experienced by others.

  • 8 years ago

    If you raise your hand, does that mean you want to ask a question? Just because a cause and an effect occur in a given situation does not mean all effects result from the same causality.

    While it may be true in some cases, it certainly isn't true in all. A person who has the need to feel needed may try to help people as a way to combat that insecurity, but helping them doesn't necessarily relate to the exact same problem that is wrong with them. Also, many people help others out of a misguided sense of correctness. In other words, they think they actually are helping someone else when, in reality, they aren't, and that has nothing to do with any hint of self-awareness at all.

  • query
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    8 years ago

    People who have suffered greatly have a better insight into what their fellow humans can do to soothe themselves. It is very decent of them to reach out and prevent others from suffering as much as they themselves do.

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  • Justme
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    8 years ago

    Yes. This is correct.

    Source(s): I try to fix everyone emotionally. And yet I still have not fixed myself.
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