When should my girlfriend start looking at wearing maternity clothes?

My girlfriend is big, but she gets away with wearing her pants unbuttoned, lying off her hips, and most of her tight band T-shirts still fit her (she had to cut some of them up the sides and sew fishnet lace to the fabric, but they still fit.) The thing is, her parents keep telling her that she needs maternity clothing. Does she, if she can still wear her old stuff, even if she has to cut some shirts to fit?

Her stomach is about 70 inches around at her navel, she doesn't go to school so if her shirts don't cover all of her belly (most cover just right above her belly button) she won't get in trouble, and nobody really bothers her when we go out.

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    8 years ago
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    Well, think about it this way: If she has to cut some shirts to fit her, then maybe it is time to start looking at maternity clothing. Because when she has her baby, And loses her baby weight, then none of her old stuff is going to fit her anyways, it's all going to be cut up and far too large, and from the way you describe it, it seems as though she likes tight clothes. If she doesn't plan on having more children, then maybe they aren't the best investment, but she could at least purchase some new tops that are made to be loose fitting, and then that way they would fit her both now while she's pregnant, and after the baby arrives. as for the pants situation, wearing pants unbuttoned isn't really attractive, but it works I guess. A pair of Roots sweatpants or any other kind, or yoga pants is perfect for a pregnant belly.

    Hope I helped! :}

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