Why are gov't officials so stupid about leaving evidence of their affairs?

Take Petraeus for example. Emails? Both him and his mistress were military. They have to know about secure communications.

One idea right off the bat is that any affair related emails should be encrypted, or both of them agree to use a service like Hushmail for their affair related emails. Certainly the emails could be traced back and forth, but the contents would remain secure.

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  • 8 years ago
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    That's a very good question! It's a question why humans are so foolish, cheating and the like and all that.. but when they are military and in the CIA as Petraeus was, I guess such begin to feel nothing can touch them? Then the activity becomes normal and feels comfortable.. Perhaps they think they will be able to cover their tracks if anything happens.. I have heard that General Patraeus resigned because he was being 'blackmailed' concerning his testimony about what occurred in Benghazi, so he outed himself, so he can testify and he cannot have this pressure put upon him. (...?)

  • 8 years ago

    High ranking government officials often view themselves as being above the law

  • 8 years ago

    Quite aside from the fact that affairs are stupid from the get-go, the FBI/CIA can break any encryption. "Never underestimate the enemy". They also probably had his phone tapped and bugs in the bedroom.

    I can believe the women may be incompetent but Petraeus should have known "Never underestimate the enemy".

    I think the main problem is Pride and arrogance. Power corrupts. When operating at the level of Power Petraeus and Bill Clinton do, they think they can do anything and get away with it.

    Source(s): And I didn't mention Obama even once! ;) Pretty good. eh?
  • No way that she's getting a STU-III in her personal residence. E-Mail by its nature is insecure and secure e-mail systems outside of SIPRNET are rare. So much for secure communications.

    Even if comms is secure, you have the HUMINT issue. As long as a living human knows, you have a security hole that cannot be plugged.

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