is a notoray valid in teaxs if it is a deal including both parties and only one signs?

i bought a car for my boss for $5500. the car was originally $5000 but with tax and title it cam up to $5500. she dint have any money to pay for it so we bought it for her as a helping hand. She agreed to pay $5500 back to us and so she did. On her last payment we gave her the title and she said that now we have to pay the taxes on it because she already paid it. how can she pay taxes when the car dint even belong to her. I made this very clear to her that when she pays $5500 back she will need to trans er the car under her name by herself and pay the expenses. She went to the notary and notarized a document which states the she paid $5500 and that was including tax and title. We did not sign any document like that and do not know what she is doing. So the question is that if she went and got a document notarized and signed are we still liable for that. We did not sign anything like that. So he has only her sign and not ours. What is the law about this in Texas. please let em know

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    I can tell by your lack of spelling knowledge how you would be gullible enough to be caught in this situation....since you care so much for this"boss", what's the problem with paying the extra??

    BTW....I need a new truck....

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