Any tips to get a 4 year old to take medicine?

My son is 4, and have never been a fan of medicine. I used to put juice in a dropper a few times then would sneak medicine in it the last time, but my son knows better now.. I started putting it into a little bit of juice, but he notices. I tried buying chewables.. Which he wont take. I try to convince him to take it, and encourage him to be a big boy and that it will help him get better, still nothing.. Even try to bribe him with a treat.. No luck.. He just tells me he will take it if he gets sicker, a fever of 99.9.. Any other tips or tricks to sneak it to him?


Ive punished him for not listening. Hes had toys taken away and has been put in time out numerous times, and is stubborn.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Why exactly does your child need the medicine?

    For things like prescribed antibiotics, your child needs to take them. Before you go and pick them up, tell him you know he doesn't like medicine, because no one really does, but sometimes you have to take it. Then ask him if he would rather get it in liquid, chewable or swallow kind. Some pharmacies will even let you pick the flavor. Giving kids choices help a lot because they need to feel they have some control over their lives. If you want to bribe him for taking the medicine nicely, you can offer, but if he puts up the slightest stink, don't give it to him.

    For things like low grade fevers, (anything under 101) why bother with medicine at all? Low fevers do not hurt kids.

    "The body instinctively knows that a higher temperature will create an inhospitable environment and kill the nasty, invading bug...... That’s why a child whose fever is treated really might be sick for days longer."

    "If the fever is mild and you have no other problems, you do not need treatment. Drink fluids and rest."

    If the fever gets high (for me, anything over 103) medicate if it makes you feel better, but for anything less, why bother?

  • 8 years ago

    Do NOT tell him it's candy unless you want to be calling Poison Control in the next few years when he thinks YOUR medicine is candy.

    Force him to take it? Punish him for not taking it? LOL Let me tell you a story. My 4 year old would not take liquid medication or chewables either. We were visiting family once and she got a fairly high fever. I tried to get her to take liquid Tylenol and she refused. My uncle said "That's ridiculous! I'll MAKE her take it." I let him try and she choked, gagged, and spewed it all over him before throwing up (only threw up because of the medicine - she didn't have a stomach bug). So, live and learn, right?

    Talk to your pharmacist about letting him try swallowing pills. Adult Tylenol, for example, can be snipped to the appropriate dosage. My daughter was so willing and able to swallow pills at that age to avoid the liquids and chewables. Plus it was "grown up" medicine which appealed to her. So, talk to your pharmacist and see what can be done with your son's medicine.

  • Liz
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    8 years ago

    My kids were stubborn too. I would force it into their mouths...with a glass of water for afterward. Tell him if he takes it quick and then takes a drink, the bad taste will be gone.

  • 8 years ago

    shove it up his ***

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Have you tried telling him the chewables are candy? Sometimes you have to tell little fibs here and there. Just part of parenting.Maybe also try letting him know the seriousness of a high temperature. Maybe try to express to him somehow that he could end up in the hospital or in really bad shape if he doesn't take medicine. My son is 4 and I think he really would understand if I explained this to him. I would guess that him being scared of medicine, he is also scared of doctors. Maybe tell him that if he lets mommy make him better he won't have to go to see the doctor.

  • 8 years ago

    give it to him and tell him its a new drink maybe lol

    at worst try intimidation

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You are his parent. You don't negotiate with him and let him tell you he will take it if he gets sicker. That is ridiculous! Tell him he will take it or he will be punished.

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