how hard will it be to get into michigan state?

i am a junior in high school and i live in califronia and i want to go to Michigan state beacuse its my seconed favorite school besides Oregon. i have passeed eveything in my high school year last year i ended my softmore year with a gpa of 3.2 now i am a junior my gpa is right now about a 3.0 but i want to get it to a 3.4 by end of year. i am in football as a conner and wide reciver (5ft8 165) and i have bben told by my coaches i am a very hard worker. by my senior year if i have a good gpa which as at least a 3.4, good sat scores, and have a good year in football will i be able to get in.? also if not what could i do to get my chance up to even getting in the school

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    8 years ago
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    First off, you may want to work on your grammar, sentence structure and capitalization. If you turn in your application in the same manner as your question here your chances would be zero.

    With that said, congratulations on having a 3+ GPA and wanting to better yourself through higher education.

    You need to look at the 'per credit hour' cost of an Non-Resident student. Michigan State is going at about $1,040 for freshman & sophomores. Then it goes up to $1,070 for the junior and senior levels. And that does not include taxes, fees, 'special' fees and books. The US National average of credit hours for a Bachelor's degree is 124 - 128; meaning the most you could end up paying for a 4 year degree is $137,000. So first and foremost... you need to figure out how you are going to pay for college whether that be grants, loans, scholarships or a combination.

    I understand Michigan & Oregon are your favorite but you need to not only apply to your 'dream' schools and apply to many locals colleges as well. You NEED to decide on what degree you want and your career path in life. Whether or not you make it in college football and/or onto the NFL, you will still need a degree for life after sports.

    Lastly, the leap from high school football to college football crushes the dreams of many, many hometown football heroes. Only 3-4% of high school players get the opportunity to play college football, and those players are not necessarily the most talented or athletically gifted. To be recruited by any college, players need to catch the eye of the coach, and then prove to have the combination of athletic ability, mental toughness, and intelligence (both on the football field and in the classroom—the work ethic that one applies to schoolwork counts, too) to keep the coach’s attention. And even then, if the player’s skills don’t match up with exactly what the coach is looking for, he’s probably going to be part of the 96% who only pick up footballs that say “NERF” on the side.

    Wish you the best in your dream! My intition was not to crush your dreams... but make you aware that you have to do better, fight harder and set your goals farther than you think you can achieve!

    Best of luck!!!

  • drip
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    8 years ago

    Michigan State is going to want you unweighted cumulative GPA at the end of junior year. Once accepted it is on the contingency of your senior grades, senior year doesn't really help you get in

    Right now the only thing you can do is get your GPA as high as possible by the ned of junior year and take the SAT or ACT twice before senior year.

  • 8 years ago

    You can go on this website below to check what the school requires for GPA, SAT scores, and more. If you create an account it will even tell you your chances of getting in.

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