Is my cut on my finger infected?

Hi. Last Friday i went to rowing and i got a blister on my finger. During the night i felt a high amount of pain. I woke up and there was pus and blood on where the blister was. It was just a scab. I went to rowing on Sunday and the scab poped and it was bleeding again. My dog had been mauled by another dog and had a huge open wound. The wound have got infected by a bacteria that was eating her flesh. Luckily it was removed by the vet. My Blister hasn't healed and no scab has formed. I looked at it today and i saw a small hole in the wound. I am worried if the dog is infected, or the bacteria is still around as the dog isn't allowed outside. Is the cut infected.

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, it sounds like it is infected. Try antibiotic ointments and changing the bandage frequently. If you see no improvement within a few days, see the doctor.

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