Have you ever been in love with someone who hurt your feelings?

How was it???


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    8 years ago
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    At age 59, and having been widowed for 9 years, I fell deeply in love with the woman of my dreams, my perfect and lifelong partner. I have no remaining family or relatives and believed that at least I wouldn't have to suffer a lonely old age.

    Or so I thought.

    We travelled to Spain where she had lived before. We rented a apartment, and intended to marry, and live and work out there.

    What I did not know, was that behind my back, she had been in regular contact with at least 3 other men she knew, one an ex-boyfriend and all had been sending her money.

    The first I knew was when I woke one morning about a month later, to find she had gone. Her clothes, everything. Not a note, a message, a text, no warning, no fond goodbyes, nothing.

    I had to leave the apartment as I could not afford the rent on my own, and became homeless, sleeping on the beach in Marbella with my rucksack, containing all I possessed in the world as a pillow. No money, I knew no-one and didn't even speak the language. All at the age of 59.

    After 2 weeks on the streets I walked to Malaga (about 30 miles, in the August Spanish heat) and the British Consulate got me back to the UK.

    When I returned I was still homeless. I had given up a lovely rented flat and sold everything to be with her in Spain.

    I never heard from her again.

    So yes, my feelings were hurt. It has left a scar that will never heal.

    I won't live long enough to get over her treachery and betrayal.

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    Mines a different kind of hurt. Its knowing that your meant to be with someone and wanting desperately a chance to prove how good you could be for someone. except they don't feel the same. Ive never met anyone that made me feel the way she did and i don't think i ever will. I watched get with D.ick head after d.ickhead if you pardon my language. That's the only way to describe them though. I supported her when she got treat like crap and even got rid of one bloke who started hitting her. Secretly hoping that she would develop feelings for me and we could spend the rest of our lives together.

    It never happened. She moved down south a year and a half ago and now we've lost touch all together. There is not a day go's by when i dont think about her. I still get a giddy excited feeling when ever someone mentions her. Which is soon over shadowed by the knowing i,ll probably never see her again.

    Im a great believer that if something is meant to be then it finds a way. Maybe i,ll see her again. Maybe not but ive never felt that way about anyone since. Not even close.

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    Yes--before and after. Over time, you get over it, but you still think about them. Best not to dwell on it, though--there is a big world out there and lots of life to live. Do not allow the past to consume you.

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    Absolutely, and this is all too common.

    Not all love is returned, and most isn't. Often it's better to be aware of how you feel, and only slowly reveal your feelings to another.

    Love always feels good, getting hurt doesn't. Sometimes all i can do is to be close to someone that I love and let it go at that. With age comes wisdom.

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    okay well she broke up with me, never had a fight never had any problems that i could say other then being an hour away. anyway never told me exactly what she broke up with me about and 8 months later saw her again, had that same connection, and kissed her, both smiling.

    to be honest i dont understand girls one bit. at all actually. i just know they look at me alot and i think that i have something on my face or whatever but people keep saying im beautiful so i just think... okay.

    i still havent really gotten over her.

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    Yes, and it was very painful, depressing and heartbreaking. Don't ever want that to happen again or to anyone, it's almost the worst feeling you could ever get.

    Source(s): Loved and been unloved in return.
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