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My boyfriend's mood has changed all week?

What I mean is, like yesterday when I rang him, he picked up and hung up straight away without saying anything, so I ended up calling half a dozen times with the same thing happening. And then after I gave it like 10 minutes he just yelled at me. And later on he rang me back and was all calm and friendly like nothing had happened. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he rang me back and that I was actually able to speak to him, but I don't get why he didn't just pick before. And it wasn't the first time he did something like that, on Monday I rang him a few times and he was like that, but then later on he rang me back and said he loved me, and obviously I told him I loved him too (which I do, a lot). I just don't get why his mood changes a lot, and why he's moody one minute and the next he's calm. I obviously prefer him when he's friendly. It doesn't help that his mum and dad don't approve of our relationship (nothing personal, they said the same about his exes as well and his mum's on holiday at the moment). He's my first boyfriend, and I love him to pieces, but I don't get the whole thing with all his mood changes.


Amyee, I don't like being treated like that, but my boyfriend has severe learning difficulties and he's the kind of guy who would make me feel really guilty if I did to him what he did to me.

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    He could be dealing with something have you talked to him about it? Also if he's done this before, I think you need to evaluate your relationship. Do you want to be with somebody who switches up their mood on a drop of a dime. I know this is your first boyfriend, but if your not happy and can't get through to him, it's time to go. Hope I helped and you can't change a person

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    Either he has a underlying mental health issue

    or you're annoying the hell out of him, and he doesn't know how to tell you.

    so then he just feels guilty and ends up calling you back.

    You need to open the lines of communication and tell him that if there is anything he needs to talk about with you, that he can.

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    Apparently he know that he can treat you any way the he feels like treating you. Especially bad. And you keep running back to him telling him how great he is and that you love him.

    You're never be treated any better by a man if you continue doing what you're doing.

    Why don't you give him some of his own medicine? Treat him like he treats you and see how he likes it.

    Unless you like being treated this way. In that case, stop complaining and get used to it.

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    Maybe he's busy and you calling every few minutes is highly irritating.

    Most people have call display. You only need to call ONCE for him to know he called.

    You're being needy and clingy by calling so often. It's not an attractive trait.

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  • 8 years ago

    Neither do I. I also don't get why you put up with it. You might love him, but don't think you can change him or save him.

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