Algebra 2 "Parabola"?

What is the x value of the vertex of the parabola below?


I'm not really sure but I think it could possibly -b or b/2a? I'm terrible at math:(

And also

What are the coordinates of the minimum of y=(x+7)^2+4?

It's (7,4) right?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. Here's a different way to look at this problem. Where is the parabola at its lowest? If it were x^2 + 4 or even ax^2 + 4, it would be when x=0. Here, you have (x-b) being squared not just x. So, when is x-b equal to 0? when x=b

    2. Similarly for this problem, when is (x+7) equal to 0? when x=-7. Plug that in for the y-value.

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