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sending a letter to an ex just to say hi?

I only have my ex's address and wanted to send him a holiday card; is that fine or weird. I'm just saying hello and no feelings are there.

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    Not wise. He could be involved and it could start a problem (make you a bit of a home wrecker).

    If you have not remained friends and in communication since the break up, it's best to just let the past be the past.

    If you had run into him one way or another and knew it wouldn't be an issue to send a holiday card that would be a different story.

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    Why bother? He's an ex and you clearly don't keep in touch so I don't see the point of sending a card. All that would do is perhaps make him call you to say he got the card and then what? He would have no idea what your intent with the card is and may think you are still interested or at the very least want to reconnect. You should just leave things as they are and not send a card.

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