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POLL: what is your zodiac sign?

And one good quality and one bad if you want to add. And you are the most compatible with which sign


@SINGLE & That Bumming guy: me too!

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    Leo before the revision; cancer after the revision. I give up on all of it.

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    Good-Rational and Imaginative at the same time

    Bad-Procrastination and depression

    Pisces is most compatible with Cancer

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    Good: Empathetic

    Bad: Irritable

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    Good:cheerful and I make people laugh,fun to be around,

    Bad:sometimes I wanna prove that only my opinion is right,too relaxed(my classmates r geeks and all of their grades are straight a s.but I am the only laid back and not studying every second between them so I have also other grades than a....let's just say this)

    Compatible: some of other Capricorns and some of the Aries

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    Pisces and born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Maybe that makes me a Tiger shark!

    "The Pisces girl with brains to spare, is sometimes mad as a March hare" (yes!)

    "For she'll pursue some craze or fad, until you think she's really mad" (yes!)

    "Till of the subject, you're so sick, you'd like to shoot or drown her, quick" (husband says "yes)

    "Choose drowning, please, for March's daughter for she's a mermaid of the water,

    And though you try to end her in it - she'll swim her way out in a minute" (yes - ex-County swimmer)

    "Oh how untidy is this girl, her room is always in a whirl,

    And half her leisure speeds away in finding things lost yeaterday" (Yes!)

    The poem goes on and on - I'll not bore you with it, but I'm definitely as Pisces girl.

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    good - funny

    bad - indecisive

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