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Whats wrong with our Internet ?

Our internet went off last night and now all we can use is our phones. My sisters not really allowed to use her phone for internet cause hers is limited but she can't use her IPod so she gets on her phone anyway. She doesn't like using her phone cause she's not very well at using the texting on it. She always messes up she likes her IPod better. We can't get it on our IPods or Laptops or computers so I have to use my IPhone. She's mad cause all of use have IPhones and she has an Andriod and the battery life on it sucks but she's only had it for a few months. She doesn't get why our phones get internet and the IPods don't. I don't get it either they're about the same things. What could be wrong with the Internet ? How can we fix it ? Why does our phones always have Internet and IPods don't ?

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    The majority of phones have internet... It's called 3G as well as wifi.

    Generally speaking they're not built into ipods because an ipod is not designed specifically to send text messages or connect to the internet using 3G.

    I guess it's apple convincing you to buy their new rip off iphone 5.

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    This feels like the ISP is throttling your connection. Do you have an information decrease on your connection? i understand a good sort of ISP's decrease how plenty information you ought to use in line with month (as an instance, CableOne limits you to 50GB). they don't close down your connection in case you flow over, yet they'll throttle all of it the way down to horrendously slow speeds. That sounds like what's happening right here. i could call your ISP and ask them approximately it.

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