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why does pepperidge farms bread last so long?

sorry if i didn't spell "pepperidge" right or whatever, but i really am just curious?

i've had this loaf of this bread in my house for maybe two or three months now? maybe four? and it still hasn't molded! i buy other bread and it seems like it molds overnight! and this bread (whole wheat), stays soft and won't stale. it's amazing!! did i buy some kind of "super bread" or what?


I am afraid it might have preservatives in it:( but because it lasts so long, i think i'll continue to buy it. i'm cheap/broke/whatever you want to call it* i just wish they sold bread by a half a loaf or maybe just a quarter of a loaf at a time. i'm never home long enough to eat all that bread before it molds over (not good old pepperidge farms though! ;) ) and i'm stuck trying to find a good slice or fill myself up on cheese. Lol.

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    All pre sliced bagged breads sold for your convenience are filled with all sorts of preservatives for extending softness and shelf life . Some of these include pulverized limestone and rat poison . That's right you read it correctly "rat poison " . Calcium proportionate is not milk , it's pulverized limestone .

    Any bread that does not mold in 3 - 4days sitting on your table is just not good for your body . This is why if I am not baking my own I will always try to find a bakery to purchase my bread from . This is just one of the things that has caused so many health problems with people .

    Here is an edit for you as I am also these days on a very tight budget . Purchase the ingredients to bake your own . Trust me it is not difficult or expensive . Although some of the instructions of some recipes seem waning and difficult , it is much simpler than implied .

    Bake 2 loaves , cut all in half and freeze for future . A note about frozen bread , unfreeze in refrigerator and keep there or it will dry out on you after being frozen .

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    It's not made entirely out of real ingredients,and might very well contain some preservatives. That's what I'd think. Cause my bread 100% whole grain wheat lasts a week,maybe a tad longer if I make sure to close the bag really tight.

    Source(s): Ever dropped a fry in your car and found it months later looking exactly the same? lol
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    Cancer causing chemical preservatives.

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    because it is nasty gritty and not very tasty!!

    I never have problems with bread getting moldy before it is all used except for the pepperidge farms breads. NO ONE WILL EAT THEM HERE!!!

    we keep the breads that are opened in the fridge!! The ones unopened are kept in the freezer and defrosted on the counter for about 3 hours then stuck into the fridge!!

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