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How can I go to my dance classes when my teacher hates me?

It's mainly my fault. To cut a very long story short, I liked him a LOT but I was very shy.

I was only 16-18 and he was 27- anyway he made it really clear he liked me back. But every time he tried to talk to me my mind went blank and I got so shy I didn't know what to say. Eventually he just got annoyed I guess, I wrote to him sometimes on facebook and he used to reply but then he stopped. I told him I quit the class over facebook and thanks for being a great teacher and still nothing back.

He just didn't like me anymore or he hated me or I don't know, he started to act so annoyed around me but I'm not really sure why. I'm with someone else now and we are moving back to that town, but he teaches in friggin every school, and the ones he doesn't, he just pops in to say hi and hang with other teachers!! I know if I see him I'm gonna feel so uncomfortable. He knows that I know there's a big chance if I go there I'll see him, so what if he thinks I'm stalking him? Or he gets so mad when he sees me? Or what if it's the complete opposite and he starts acting like he likes me again? Which I just cant deal with, I'm even married to someone else now. Most likely is he will feel as uncomfortable as me and it will just be so awkward and I'll get so shy again. I just love dancing and my classes. I really just wanna go to class and dance and leave and stay out of his way.... I'm so much more confident and stronger then I used to be at 16 (I'm 20 now), but I can't predict what my reaction will be if i see him again or especially if he sees me.


and i can change teachers but i know he's gonna come and sit in on their class sometimes

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    It sounds like he has moved on and so there really isn't any reason why you should feel awkward. Just act professionally and politely when you see him (a "hi, how are you?" will do) but don't go out of your way to contact him via Facebook, etc. and don't open up conversations outside of the class atmosphere.

    Otherwise, just dance and enjoy yourself. You'll probably see him less than you realize and if he is feeling awkward, he might not even show up if he knows you're in the class.

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    Change teachers.

    Swallow your pride - a lesson you will have to learn eventually, why not now?

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