how much would it cost to swap a V6 3.8 to 350 turbo motor?

i have a cutlass supreme 84 Brougham the engine i have is pretty much shot and i wanna put a new one in plz let me know how much it will cost and details how they will do it if you can thanks


chevy 350 and what type of transmission will hold it?? i am puttin positive trac on the car too

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  • 8 years ago
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    First. You are going to need a pretty stout 350 to take the abuse of a turbocharger. It should also be built from the ground up for the turbocharger. Typically this engine would need some turbo friendly low compression pistons so you do not get all sorts of detonation under boost. A turbo friendly camshaft is also required. You also need forged pistons, rods, and crank. Expect to pay at least $8000 to $10,000 for the engine alone.

    Next, there is the turbocharger. Expect to pay at least $8,000 for the turbocharger

    Do you expect that 6 cylinder transmission to live long when connected to a high powered turbocharged V8? You will need a racing clutch, pressure plate, flywheel shifter, and bell housing. You will also need a custom racing drive shaft. It all depends on what you want. If you go with a manual transmission, maybe a Tremec 5 or 6 speed. If this will spend more time on the drag strip a better choice would be a 2 speed Powerglide racing transmission. A trans brake would also be helpful so that you can build boost at the starting line without tripping the lights. Expect to pay at least $8000 for these items.

    Do you expect that weak open differential to handle the power from a high powered turbocharged V8? At best, all it will do before it fails is to smoke only one tire before it breaks. You won't go all that fast from the lack of traction. You are going to need a limited slip or locker differential. The rear end will also need to be loaded with racing axles. Expect to pay at least $5000 for this.

    Do you expect the stock rear suspension to work with all this power? Expect lots of wheel hop with a stock suspension. You will really need a 4 link suspension to go with this. Maybe another $5000.

    Do you expect this chassis to withstand this much power. Without any modifications the chassis is going to twist and crack. Start with some subframe connectors. A well planned roll cage also helps to stiffen the chassis. Expect to pay about $1000 to $1500 for this.

    Do you expect the stock tires to hook up? You are going to need something much wider and much stickier. You will need to tub the rear wheel wells to get these tires to fit. You will need some stickier tires. Maybe some Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. These are street legal slicks with just enough tread on them to make them DOT legal. Expect to pay about $2500 for the tires, rims, ant tubbed wheel wells.

    With a car this fast, do you expect the stock brakes to cut it? You are going to need a good set of aftermarket disk brakes on all 4 corners. Maybe some Willwods or Baer brakes. Maybe another $3000.

    Expect to spend at least $35,000 to $40,000 to put a turbocharged 350 V8 into this car.

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