I'm 21 and gay, Is it wrong if I date a 56 year old?

I'm 21 and gay and have been seeing a man that is 56 years old. I know he is way older than I am but I do love him, but is it wrong? Sometimes I worry about him getting too old, like I'm 35 and taking care of him or something. I'm sure it won't happen I've also seen the arument "but younger people want to party and still have fun" and I can still do that I feel like, never felt like I'm being pulled behind by him. Not much of a party, go out and drink and party person either. I'm still in school and he's very supportive. I guess I only feel uncomfortable about see a man so much older than me and just wondering if it's "wrong".

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    8 years ago
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    Although homosexuality has been no longer cataloged in the DSM as a mental disorder, my most recent investigation shows the following results:



    The causes of male homosexuality we can define as follows:

    1. Homosexuality is the result of sexual arousal towards oneself (narcissism), while is worn a particular garment or object, while oneself is naked, or while oneself is imagined in a homosexual relationship scenario.

    2. Homosexuality is the result of an incomplete development of male identity, due to male attributes that the homosexual feels he has no or presents a deficit.

    Both causes can coexist together or separately, and be the reason why a man feels sexual arousal towards people of his same sex.

    In full agreement with the APA and WHO we consider that homosexuality is not a mental illness but as a different expression of the attraction for the erotic object.


    Written by Rafael Osornio Medina.

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    4 years ago

    The age difference is massive. toddler, he's very nearly your father. Will you date or marry your father. i'll supply you a existence journey; my bestfriend is now 25 and her boyfriend is 40 two. They met and all started dating while she became 19 and he 36; so that they have been dating for extra or less 6 years now. The age difference became by no ability a huge deal between them and he or she enjoyed him deeply. She desperate to speak marriage with him and impulsively, he says, he's only too previous for her. No marriage and wager what she spent her adolescents with this looser. Honey they're extra matured and that they understand what they want -"booty". No 56yoa of their impressive ideas could want as much as now somebody as youthful as 21. he's possibly dealing with previous due midlife disaster or something. i could desire to understand what call you call ladies like this in l. a. please

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    It seems to me like you shouldn't have to ask anybody what the answer to this question is. You're seeing him, and you love him, so why does it matter whether someone else thinks it's wrong or not? Why do you need the assurance? Just do what you think is right, and say f*ck it to what everyone else thinks.

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    If you're happy, then there's nothing wrong with it.

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