Do souls and reincarnation exist?

Right off the bat, reality is viewed as a profoundly self-contained, self-referential kind of "language", and languages have syntaxes. Because self-reference is an abstract generalization of consciousness - consciousness is the attribute by virtue of which we possess self-awareness - conscious agents are "sublanguages" possessing their own cognitive syntaxes. Now, global consciousness is based on a complete cognitive syntax in which our own incomplete syntax can be embedded, and this makes human consciousness transparent to it; in contrast, our ability to access the global level is restricted due to our syntactic limitations.

Thus, while we are transparent to the global syntax of the global conscious agency "God", we cannot see everything that God can see. Whereas God perceives one total act of creation in a parallel distributed fashion, with everything in perfect superposition, we are localized in spacetime and perceive reality only in a succession of locally creative moments. This parallelism has powerful implications. When a human being dies, his entire history remains embedded in the timeless level of consciousness...the Deic level. In that sense, he or she is preserved by virtue of his or her "soul". And since the universe is a self-refining entity, that which is teleologically valid in the informational construct called "you" may be locally re-injected or redistributed in spacetime. In principle, this could be a recombinative process, with the essences of many people combining in a set of local injections or "reincarnations" (this could lead to strange effects...e.g., a single person remembering simultaneous "past lifetimes").

In addition, an individual human sublanguage might be vectored into an alternate domain dynamically connected to its existence in spacetime. In this scenario, the entity would emerge into an alternate reality based on the interaction between her local level of consciousness and the global level embedding it...i.e., based on the state of her "soul" as just defined. This may be the origin of beliefs regarding heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo and other spiritual realms.


@JORGE N - There are multiple levels of consciousness. Human temporal consciousness is the level with which we're familiar; global (parallel) consciousness is that of the universe as a whole. The soul is the connection between the two...the embedment of the former in the latter.

You are right in saying that I've been doing this for a long time, 27 years to be exact.

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    you need a body to hold the "you " in once that empirical soul-chrysalis is desiccating underground the 'you' becomes part of a "universal syntax" (also held by the global conscious agency) that syntax, amongst other more important properties, also holds all the properties of a liquid (except existence) so the fluid nature of "what once was you" becomes indistinguishable from all the rest of that universal syntax which is in truth - 'the essential quality of all life that went before'.

    it would therefore be statistically impossible that enough droplets of one ex-individual coalesce in the same universal position to be aware of it's prior nature

    AND ... even if ALL life resides on earth (A big 'if' ) then there's an unfortunate truth that only one in several billion lifeforms on this planet is a human and another unfortunate truth the largest biomass is krill and so even if i'm wrong who wants to be a krill 200,000 times and a beetle 200,000 times and only human once in each million re-births that take place out of the universal syntax .

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    You have been doing this for a long time. You love it and have been reborn doing it every time and you will continue to do so on into the next few lives. That is how complex the thing you are trying to express is. And until you have it down you are not going to let go of it. It is a problem that spans several lifetimes in the least just to be able to grasp much less dominate and be able to convert it into a tool that you use as one of the methods to get to the truth.

    I see us all as alternate realities. The problem is finding a place where so many alternate ideas can work it out and come up with the best way to solve this paradox. Finite material phenomenon is the reflection of this reality. We are the reflective activity that does work on it. If no other being in the Universe does, we do.

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    In spite of a deluge of verbiage (see above) expressing hope and support for the existence of souls and reincarnation, there is not the slightest evidence that souls and reincarnation are anything more than wishful human fantasies.



    John Popelish

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    Yes, for souls. Nope, I see nothing to convince me people are reincarnated. Yes I agree, way too long of a post.

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    No body that is living, knows. Maybe

    Source(s): Agnosticism FTW
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    Only if you are brainwashed to believe they might!!! A soul is not a part of the body that leaves on its own accord after death (it is what man calls the actual organs that maintain your life) not a mythical spirit that leaves after death!!! The dead actually have no more rewards after their memories fade in their loved ones, that means no eternal heaven or hell or afterlife which might include reincarnation or not!!! Wow your explanation of languages is as imginary as your god and "bile" are!!! Circle logic is merely retarded thinking!!!

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    I seriously doubt it. After all, there is no real reason to believe it.

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