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What do liberals have against Israel and why did Jews support Obama after the way he treated Israel?

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    Every country in the world including the US agree that Israel is in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention the exact same Convention which the US rightly used with UN sanction to war against Iraq in Desert Storm.for occupying foreign territory (Kuwait) territory .

    We all scream about the RULE OF LAW but in the case of Israel we burn the law.

    Secondly people like you have no problem with Israel internationally embarrassing the US as it did in three recent cases involving Bush,Biden and Hilary Clinton.

    God forbid that anyone should dare stand up againt Israel for they will be called a Holocaust denier and anti-semite .

    Even US allies cannot understand why the US allows Israel to opnly criticize and insult the US .The US would never permit another ally to get away with what it gets away with.

    Finally,liberals believe that the foreign policy of the US should be made in Washinfton by Americans and NOT by Jews in Tel Aviv !!!!

    The URL below evidences an incredible statement made by former Israeli PM Sharon on Israeli radio .

    "Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America."

    Now maybe a conservative like you and especially if you are a vile Christian fundamentalist conservative ,have no problem with Israel running America but some of us do .I realize as a born again you give your support to Israel before that of the US because you need Israel for your Rapture but that only makes you conservatives traitors .

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    While not all some of them have a prevalent anti semitic agenda : in Syria the Muslims murder and slaughter each other for over a year, tolling the official death toll of 40,000 (its probably much higher), Liberals say almost nothing. Yet Israel, suffering over 400 rockets only since this Monday, and thousands upon thousands over all, kills about 5 Palestinians and it makes the headlines.

    See the bias : 40k - not care vs 5 - care a lot due to anti Jewish sentiments or other feelings.

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    We're not "against it." We just think that we need to stop funding them and backing them up all the time. I thought you guys wanted budget cuts? Israel would be a big budget cut.

    I'll put it like this. Israel is like the little brother that thinks he can do and say whatever he wants on the bus because his brother is the star linebacker, U.S. Well after awhile we need to let the little smack talking brother fight on his own, as we, U.S., are graduating in May.

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    If Israel was a South-American country, it wouldn't receive any american support and everyone would be going crazy for them to respect human rights... Unfortunately, they're in a valuable geographic position from which they can influence surrounding countries by means of discussion or force. The US uses it as a way to divide the Middle East.

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    False premise. Israel is a key ally. Try again.

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    American Jews are like many Americans. Blind to what is going on around them. They simply vote democrat out of party loyalty. Their parents voted democrat, their union tells them to vote democrat, their college professor tells them to vote democrat thus since instead of thinking of whats best they do as told and vote democrat.

    I once was that way. Not anymore. I dont care how many little pamplets my union mails to my house i refused to vote for Obama.

  • Because according to pre-election Obama, we have peace in the Middle East and there isn't a thing to worry about.

    Post-election Obama acknowledges that there needs to be justice for the four deaths in Libya, but I doubt we will ever get it, as surely Obama won't willingly leave office and put himself in prison.

    By the way, I think Obama just might be against the Jews because he isn't doing anything to stop Iran from developing weapon-grade uranium, which Iran would surely use on Israel first and the U.S. second.

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    Liberals have nothing against Israel and Jewish Americans supported Obama by a wide margin over Mitt in the recent election (something like a 70% to 25% split).

    So your question really has no merit and no base.

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    8 years ago

    Perhaps the way the conservative news outlets described how Obama treated Israel wasn't entirely accurate?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Why do conservatives pretend to support Israel and then turn around and call them stingy Jews who killed Jesus and are going to burn in Hell? Most of the Jewish people are Liberal...they are smart enough to see through the facade of the right.

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