Average price for 45ACP, 9mm, 5.56Nato, and 40S&W Ammo?

Average price for 45ACP, 9mm, 5.56Nato, and 40S&W Ammo AS OF NOW?

Brands to avoid?

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    8 years ago
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    average prices?

    $15/box for 50rds 9mm.

    $18/box for 50rds .40S&W.

    $7-8/box for 20rds of .223

    $20/box for 50rds .45ACP.

    BEST prices?

    $10/box for 50rds 9mm

    $13/box for 50rds .40S&W

    $6/box for 20rds .223

    $15/box for 50rds .45ACP.

    Brands to avoid?

    Wolf, Any Bear (Brown bear, silver bear, golden bear, etc.), TulAmmo, any steel or aluminum case (including CCI aluminum, etc.).

    Stick with decent brass-cased ammo from Winchester, Federal, CCI, Speer, Remington, etc. and you'll be fine. Russian weapons (Mosin Nagant, AK-47/SKS/AKS-74 etc.) are the only weapons I would run any of the Wolf/TulAmmo corrosive or steel case ammo through, only because, frankly, they are darn near designed to run garbage through them.

    Oh, and FYI, American Eagle is a Federal brand. Great price and good ammo.

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    Price Of 5.56 Ammo

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    I bought 100 rounds of 9mm WWB for $23.94 a couple of weeks ago. I don't use .40 S&W. I have not purchased any factory ammo for quite a few years of the other two. Steel Cased import is about $5/20 for .223. About $9 for 20 rounds of American brass cased. I think .45 ACP runs about $35/100 for WWB.

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    Too damn much, if you ask me.

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    This is a hard question to answer, as it really completely depends on what level of ammunition you want to buy. If you want to buy the cheapest ammuntion that reliably works, then military surplus is a good place to go. If you want to buy the cheapest ammunition that doesn't have corrosive primers and not steal cased, there are some good cheaper commerical brands.

    Cheaper but good commerical brands:

    Black Hills, Prvi Partizan, PMC, American eagle

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    Go to a gun show, they have te beat price in town, I got 1,000 rounds of the 5.56 and that cost me 175$ I like the Fed load. Also Winchester, and Remington are great!

    Stay away from reloads unless its your own, and anything that's NOT American!

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    Getting the nationwide average would be really hard for any one of those not to mention all of those. If you are interested in finding the best prices online use this link. http://ammoseek.com/

    Any major brand is going to be just fine. With reloads you simply need to buy some small amount and test it.

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