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I'm wondering, what is Jihadists?

I'm wondering what is jihadists, because i need it for a homework.

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    I have never heard of such a word :O

    I took a look at and the right word is:

    ji'hadist: Islam an Islamic fundamentalist movement that favours the pursuit of jihads in defence of the Islamic faith.

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    Lol :)

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    A Jihad is a holy war, so I suppose a Jihadist is one who fights that war.

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    I don't know, because I have never met one!

    There used to be a thing called Encyclopedia, and a man would come and harrass your parents into buying it, and it would be on your shelf, and you would go find the volume that has JI words in it, and look up Jihadist, but you wouldn't find it, but there would be Jihad.

    Nowadays there is a thing called Wikipedia, which has about a thousand times more articles and information than the best encyclopedia ever, and probably more up to date, and with a lot more people working on it, and it doesn't inolve your parents or the man going door to door (although once a year he puts up requests for donations).

    Some people say Wikipedia should never be used for academic work but that is quite wrong in a way. It can not be a reference itself. References for the material are on the page and if you are going to do any real work (for a university paper, something that can be published) the original references would have to be cited, not the Wikipedia article.

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