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Do you think they had sex/ do you think he likes her? (The new girlfriend)? His friend said he didn't?

this guy and his ex gf had a bad break up, and they were each others first real relationship. all through half of 7th, 8th grade, and 9th grade he was head over heels in love with her. they talked all the time, and were always there for each other. the most they did was make out, but they didn't do anything because the girls very religious, and never pressured her into things. When they broke up they both were miserable for months. The girl concentrated on school, the boy turned into a player who treated girls badly after a bit. he had a new girlfriend, and apparently he's using her though he says that he loves her and things like that. he only showed intrest in her after the break up, and he told her he'd only talk to her if he could "get some". but he is really shy when it comes to actually doing things. He was so afraid to even date his ex for a long time. But he kissed his new gf with confidence. Apparently they broke up because she had sex with other guys, and he wasn't interested, and he tried to cheat on her. But a few people think he had sex with her too since she's known to be easy. His ex is going through a lot, (she's my bestfriend), and she really wants to know if they did or didn't have sex. They hung out like twice, at a movie theater and at the mall. Do you think they managed to do it? also, now he hates his exes guts, calls her crazy, is mean to her, etc. she doesn't want him back, but she's hurt, and hopes they didn't do it. Do you think they did? also, how does he hate her after what they've been through? he used to care about her so much, and now he's totally different. Please help! What's your opinion on if he had sex or not/ why he's acting like this? And don't worry, she's getting over her ex. She also has a lot of self respect too.

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    Grade 7, 8 and 9 dating would never classify as serious on any level. When you grow up you will realize this was just a learning experience. You can't understand love well enough at that age and especially without having real life problems to balance out as well as a relationship. Everything seems so important when you are young teenager but it really isn't. You will know what I mean when you're older.

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    This is a lot of drama for a Freshman.

    Stupid Freshman -__-

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