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Koria asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 8 years ago

What will WalMart do about the health insurance for its employees?

1 - Provide health insurance (the minimum required) at bout $4,000/ee at 1 million ee's, cost is 4 billion. After taxes, cost is really $2.6 billion at a 35% tax rate.

2 - Provide nothing and pay $2,000/ee = 2 billion tax (not a penalty, thanks John Roberts)

3 - Limit all ee's to 25 hours. And do neither. If the avg ee works 40 hours, and they have 1 million, that is 40 million hours. So 40 million/25=1.6 million. So they would limit to 25/week and hire 600,000 new part-timers.


Also, if it is #2 or 3, the government will be providing free health insurance for all employees and immediate family members.

Update 2:

Ok, so i have to spell out everything. Yes, all will have to buy insurance, but if the family is below 200% of the poverty line, they will get a tax credit of as much as 12-13k for a family, paid straight to the insurer. And if they don't buy it, they make too little money to pay the penalty tax (well not penalty, because Justice Roberts said you can't call it a penalty, so extra tax...)

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    oh, as cons almost always do... you left out the tiny fact that WalMart did ALREADY provide some minimal form of health insurance... and that, if I remember correctly, was very close to the minimum level, which is pretty low...

    care to revise your figures?

    EDIT: here's a story about it... it took me all of 2 seconds to Google it, which of course, you can't be bothered with...


    as you can see, they seem to be passing it on to the employee, and it's about a 4.4 percent increase on average, which is lower than almost EVERY ANNUAL increase I've had over the past 10 years...

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    LOL...Hillary replaced into on the board of Wal-Mart interior the overdue Nineteen Seventies into the 1980's...even as health care replaced into no longer the placement it truly is sweet this second. also, even as Sam Walden replaced into nonetheless alive operating Wal-Mart. THEN, Wal-Mart replaced right into a good employer, promotion American Made products and treating their workers nicely. interior the Nineties even as Hillary replaced into First woman, bill Clinton worked to save prices down, workable for human beings. Oh there have been those who had constrained health care, the placement had no longer escalated to the modern serious level of at the second one. there have been courses accessible then to provide health look after those who ought to no longer have the funds for it. What has replaced replaced into the impression of the Bush administration. for the reason that GW took workplace, health care prices have risen seventy six p.c.. The courses that presented health look after the poor were diluted and stripped. more advantageous human beings now are without health care and jobs than there has ever been interior the heritage of this u . s .. Bush has even made it unlawful for all of us to order drugs more low-cost from Canada that are the same drugs that we purchase the following. he gained't enable Medicare to barter drug expenditures with the drug agencies. Medicare is even tell the docs' what style of medicine they could prescribe to the elderly. Our health care prices in this u . s . has reached a serious state that hasn't ever got here about in the previous. Bush is for employer, the CEOs of the insurance agencies walk away with billions of funds a three hundred and sixty 5 days, even as human beings ought to make life and absence of life judgements. that's yet another LIE of BARACK OBAMA.....i don't comprehend if he replaced into on a street nook including his nostril sweet throughout the time of any of this time, and that i fairly do no longer care. I even don't have any use for all of us that ought to misinform this quantity to get elected. IF he's a Democrat, i favor NO part of the Democratic celebration. And IF (God forbid) he does get elected, what else will he lie about?

  • 8 years ago

    they will go w/ a version similar to your #3. they will limit a certain percentage of their ee's to 25 or 30 hours---just under so that they don't have to legally offer them insurance & up the work load of the remaining ee's so they don't have to hire more or as many new people.

    to your additional details:

    the government is not offering anything for free. those employees & family members are going to have to pay for it just like everyone else.

  • 8 years ago

    Your numbers are crazy.

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  • 8 years ago

    Do what CostCo does. They provide insurance to their employees and still maintain a profitable business.

  • 8 years ago

    Election isn't official til December. Demand a recount and exposing the massive voter fraud already being exposed will give us a new and improved president which in turn, will give us all health insurance for WalMart employees and everyone else, that is problem free.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Cut hours

    Use Employment agencies

    Use contract labor

    Just like 75% of the other U.S. employers that will be sabotaged by 0bamacare.

    Source(s): As if the federal government will outsmart the businessman .
  • Alex
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    8 years ago

    The government already provides health insurance for many of Walmart's low-wage employees. If they have a family, they're paid low enough to qualify for Medicaid. Most of the Walmart corporate employees probably have insurance already.

    Also, Walmart makes around $15B in after-tax profit each year, so it's not like $2-4B in extra costs is going to bankrupt them. It just means they might have to cut their annual dividends from $1.60/share to $1.20/share.

  • 8 years ago

    It is a win-win-lose proposition. The companies win when they transfer employees to 20 hours, so then the employees can work two part-time jobs. The administration wins because they can claim that thousands or maybe millions of jobs have been created. The employee loses, oh well.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Cut hours mainly.

    Obamacare was not thought out at all.

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