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What are the pros and cons of owning a bunny?

I know this is probably a dumb question to ask and unimportant but I've always wanted a bunny and now that I actually have the money to buy one I wanted to know the goods and bad for owning one. I brought this up to a person that used to own a bunny and she told me nothing but bad things about them like how dirty they are, they smell and they're really messy and mean. If anybody knows anything good about them or things that are a lot worse than what was said please let me know, thanks.

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    Ah typical irresponsible bunny owner answer. I have 2 rabbits. An 8 week old holland lop female that I got on Saturday from a breeder and a 1 and a 1/2 year old neutered male that I adopted from a rescue early January (January 16th to be exact)

    Both of my rabbits live in my room, but are kept separate until I can neuter my female rabbit and wait a month until the hormones die down. My older male lives in an xpen that is bigger than average. The measurements are, 6'10" by 28" with a 40" by 27 and a 1/2" second shelf attached. My baby bunny (who weighs 1lb and 10.5 oz, I took her to the vet yesterday) lives in my rabbit's old cage which is an XL dog crate but I divided it in half since she is so small and still learning to use the litter box.

    Both of my rabbits are litter trained (the baby is getting the hang of it) they do not smell AT ALL. Some people say that the hay smells, but to be honest I don't even smell that. I do not smell the pee, and my older rabbit does EVERYTHING in his litter box - including pooping. So he is very clean. Occasionally he will poop outside or some poop will fling out of his litter box when he's hopping out, but it's not a lot at all. My bunnies are so so so so sweet. My male rabbit LOVES it when I rub his ears and head and back. My baby bunny loves it when you do the same.

    However, most rabbits HATE to be held, even though my rabbit is quite young I have around 9 scratches on my arms and legs and hands from her scratching me when I try to hold her. Don't even think about holding my male rabbit, however he has NEVER bitten me. He is so sweet. I mean come on, when would you ever need to hold a rabbit? When you clip nails, yeah. If you had a lab (dog) would you be holding it every chance you got? No, they are heavy and are just as good when they are on the ground!

    ADD: Make sure you have the ROOM for a rabbit, they require lots of room. My male rabbit gets fresh veggies every night - are you willing to do that? Also, for the people who said that their rabbit was mean and would circle their feet, were your rabbits fixed? Most likely not. Fixed rabbits are much better - behaviorally and medically.

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    i used to have a bunny.. mine was supper nice i had it for the longest time!! they are supper cute!. but they go to the bathroom where ever they please!! mine ate alott! but are supper cute and worth it!! Get One You will Love It!

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    They poop a lot. Males can be sexually aggressive (watch your feet!) They chew things, especially wires. On the plus side, they are funny, cuddly, cute, and can be very gentle. I had a dwarf who was litter box trained, and leash trained. They are very smart and can pick up training fairly quickly.

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    they are the best cuddlers ever, but they poop sooo much

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