Will a 94 chev. Pickup 4x4 train's fit a 96 GMC Pickup 4x4?

96 GMC 4x4 Trans (4L60e) is it the same Trans. in a 94 Chev. 4x4? will they inter change?

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  • 8 years ago
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    possibly easiest way to check is open the glove box and look at the permalink rpo spid sticker (its located inside you glove box and has all the codes for whats your truck is equiped with, what motor it has, the transmission it has, ect.)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I used to have a 4x2 2001 ward off Ram 2500 w/ a Cummins & i for my section by no potential have been given caught. I replaced the inventory tires w/ a Michelin M/S (dirt/snow) tire & it did properly. I stay one million hr S of Chgo. They constantly plow the roads very immediately around right here. I additionally watched the climate & made it a element to no longer pass out if the forecast regarded truly undesirable. Even a 4x4 can nonetheless get caught. that is all in regards to the driving force's skill to boot. inspite of the diesel, it had the overkill power & torque to get via a superb style of snow drifts on the line. yet I constantly had to take warning. That truck additionally had a weight benefit. a superb style of weight on the tires to get by snow & touch the line. there is yet another benefit to a 4x2 & it truly is a extra valuable journey. That stiff suspension on a 4x4 will make for a bouncy journey even on the hwy. each and all the extra weight of a 4x4 drivetrain contributes to a somewhat decrease mpg's. If that is an digital shift flow case, then it truly is extra stuff to interrupt. in case you like heavy accountability hauling, a 2500 ward off might do you properly for a decade or extra. I additionally became into rear resulted in my ward off back in 2002. The van that hit me became into destroyed & i necessary a clean bumper. the cost of a mid point trim ward off 2500 expenses as plenty if no longer decrease than a one million/2 ton totally loaded truck. evaluate this too, getting a huge ward off like that, you are able to start up off your individual self reliant RV hauling business enterprise in case you like to. there are a number of agencies accessible who want individuals to haul trailers from RV makers to sellers. shop in mind that hurricane that beat up New Orleans? FEMA recruited hundreds of vans to furnish all those trailers down there. i've got considered a superb style of postings of individuals wanting a 5th wheel or great trailer moved b/c they no longer have a truck. purely a concept. G'day!

  • Brent
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    8 years ago


    The 94 engine was probably TBI while the 96 engines are all Vortecs. I don't think the trans interchanges directly, even though a 1994 is also a 4L60E, IIRC.

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