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Gamestop is saying there is no record of my preorder for the Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Care package edition?

I pre ordered the COD Black Ops 2 care package edition for the Xbox 360. The day it was announced for reserves, I went and put down the minimum $25 to reserve it at my local Gamestop location. I gave them all my information and plus they have me on file, because I'm a Power up rewards pro member. They even game me a receipt with all the necessary info. Then when I got paid a week later, I added the Collectors edition strategy guide to my preorder and paid both items off in full. The total was around $225. I then was given an updated receipt showing it was all paid off. That's was my hard earned money. So I went to the midnight release of black ops 2, with my cousins and a couple of my friends. We got there a little later than everyone else. By the time I got up to the cashier, I noticed the didn't even have anymore copies of the care package version behind the counter. I handed him my receipt and he said "We don't have anymore care packages. You must've cancelled it. And everyone who preordered it already picked their's up" Then he accused me of trying to scam them or something. Apparently a receipt is useless for preorders, because you can still cancel and have your old receipt. Obviously its a big flaw in Gamestops system. He Said "I see this sort of thing all the time. I also have record here that you cancel preorders pretty often, but I don't see anything here for black ops 2." He checked the computer I tried giving him all the info I could. Name, phone numbers, using my rewards card, giving him the order number. Nothing worked. This guy was the manager I think too! I went to high school with the guy for gods sake. You'd think he'd try and be more helpful. I had to watch as like 6 guys walked out of the store with care package editions. And he made me give back my midnight launch swag, because he claimed I did not buy a copy. Some dog tags and a poster. I decided to wait in the parking lot and see if anyone left with a care package. Wouldn't ya know it, the guy closed up and left with one. I called corporate yesterday and they couldn't help me either. They didn't even listen. The guy said I need to preorder collectors editions, because there are very limited quantities. So obviously he wasn't paying attention to my explanation. I don't know what I can do. A relative suggested I call the police. That seems drastic though. That's over $200 gone! Does anyone have any ideas for how I can resolve this? I have gotten every COD collectors edition there is. I really want to still get it. This is unfair. I really think the gamestop manager I went to high school with scammed me and screwed me over. Anyone who works at Gamestop that knows how I can get my money back at least?

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    KEEP YOUR RECEIPT AND MAKE 4 or 5 copies! But you need the original receipt

    first, make sure you did order the game and make sure you have proof.

    first: call gamestop's corporate head quarters and politely tell them the issue, then if they do not want to help you, politely tell them that this is a legitimate case to bring before a judge and that you will also be contacting the better business bureau. but don't play around with those words, if they tell you to hold on and someone will get back to you, then politely say ok and wait for it. if 2 days go by any nothing happens, then call them and politely tell them that you intend to seek legal help for this matter. that will light a fire under their butts.

    if they still do not play ball, then go to the better business bureau's site and file a complaint, tell them that you intend to take the case to a judge because this is the PERFECT case for a judge to handle.

    Call your local municipal court and tell them your problem and say that Gamestop has not offered any assistance and tell them EVERYTHING you told us, tell them the manager was rude, tell them that you have your receipt and you have copies of your receipt.

    but only do this as a last resort. if gamestop gives you your money back or gives you the game, then you cannot bring them to court. don't just go up to them and say LISTEN F***ERS! I'M GOING TO SCREW YOU NOW!

    also, you have to get your parents involved if you are under 18

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    You need to have a go at their corporate help number. This does happen all the time and not just for you. Gamestop is not a place to reserve games. They simply have issues and have for years. I did not get the preorder bonus for black ops. I did not get it for fable 3 either. They lost another record of mine too. I will not do it again.

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    I would suggest logging in to your GameStop account and checking your order history. If it is on there then their is no reason you should be dinined the game. I order the care package and got mine the day it came out through ups. Im sorry for your trouble and hope this can be resolved. And you can always sue and have them check their cameras to prove you were their handing them money

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