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Why hasn't he contacted me??? why can t i move on?

I moved abroad 6 yrs ago and fell in love with that guy..He asked me out, however there was another girl who generally slipped into his bed while he was out. He slept with her, apologize to me, was really sorry. Anyway 3 yrs later we met again and slept together abroad (I was on holiday and turned out he lives close to the place I went to). He invited me over however I didnt come, the next year he invited me and I went that time, we spent a wonderful wknd together...But I didnt tell him that I have suffered from depression (although I think he could guessed that) Anyway after that visit I took morning after pill, dropped my antidepressants few mnths ago and terrible thing happened (I went crazy without reason - had deillusions he is someone else and insulted him with texts!!, I went abroad and everyone was looking for me - then I found out its called manic depression). Anyway after I returned i apologized and he sent me a msg he doesnt want to repeat messy event he has with his ex and also that he hopes that we stay in touch and be friends but its better to leave things as they are!! So does he actually wanna talk to me or not? Anyway, I didnt reply and didnt for 2 yrs. I told this story my friend and he secretely emailed him saying i still love him!! Gosh, he didnt reply her but change birthday date month before his birthday like inviting me for his bday..I didnt go of course. That was last september...I still cant forget him, why my illness affect this, why I went sick, every time I hear love songs I cry, asking myself why it happened to me, why:(((( I just completely cannot cope with it:((( I keep thinking about him all the time. Its been two years since we last spoke. I feel like i want to take it back to a friend zone is it still possible

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    It's because you were too attached to the guy and the guy didn't want to talk to you because of your depression. Guys don't like girls that are pretty much a psycho (I'm not saying that you're, but it could be what he thought.)

    What I have learned is not to be too honest with a guy in order to keep them interested longer. As far as getting over him, you should try to stay busy, hang out with friends, talk to new guys, stop listening to songs or do things that remind you of him. Eventually, you will start to forget him and new memories (if you want to make some) replace the old ones.

    Best of luck!

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