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Politics: Why does the US government want to make this country a prison?

obama signs NDAA 2012

Obama makes Free Speech a Felony

Obamacare requires mirchips to be implanted

NSA building biggest spy center in Utah

Congress approves 30,000 spy drones across American skies

Military Checkpoints Across America!


@Bflowing So you hate Logic, science, and reasoning, and facts. FACT

you must be one of the dirty lazy hippies/hipsters that voted for that POS....

Update 2:

@John Grant and so is your answer. FACT

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    They like control, embrace the police state.

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    i'd say the politics in Illinois are a demonstration of what this u . s . ought to change into if Obama is elected. Michigan elected as Governor a woman through the call of Granholm, who got here out of the corrupt administration of Mayor C.A. youthful of Detroit. As you should comprehend Detroit has the between the optimal unemployment expenses interior the country as well because the bottom of income stages and from what i comprehend i'd say countless the optimal taxes both real property and city income tax. besides, because the election of Democrat Gov. Granholm (who replaced into mentored through Mayor youthful) the completed state of Michigan has gone into the dumper. extreme unemployment, Tax will strengthen and bigger new taxes, thousands and thousands of houses in foreclosure, thousands and thousands of employer leaving the state (by using extreme company taxes = unfriendly employer climate) and lost jobs. Heaven help us if Obama is elected. McCain/Palin08

  • Blogs are only opinion.

    So you agree that you're quoting only opinion? Blogs are only opinion. FACT (see I can type that, too)


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    Well, let's see. None of those are true, or they are misleading, and they are all from blogs,

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    The US dollar is collapsing dear. 97% of all civilians will have no way of dealing with this paradigm and will rise up.

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