s there something wrong with me?! 10 points?

Okay well I started dating this wonderful girl a couple of months ago and she's amazing. I feel like I can truly be myself around her and everything. I just feel so great being with her and I love her so much but there's an issue... I kinda feel like she might be to clingy, but here's the thing, I used to love that sort of thing. Hell in my last serious relationship with a girl it was like we had a honey moon phase for the whole relationship (not counting the last few months of crap that lead to the end of course). But for some reason I feel uncomfortable with it now and I don't know why.... The only explanation I can come up with for this is the for mentioned serious relationship with, let's call her C. Now C and I were very close and I thought we were both in serious love. She was my first kiss and a lot of things and well we were both kinda like how my current girlfriend, let's call her E, is now. Then towards the end, C changed sorta and became really paranoid and jealous over the dumbest stuff. In the end I tried everything to make things work between us and sorta change her cause I loved her, but she abused me then dumped and found a new guy to get into bed with within the week..... Well anyway I think I might be feeling so different with E cause of how bad C treated me after we were so close, like fear of commitment or something... Idk what to do now.. I love E and I really want to be with her but Idk why I feel this way... Like I'm the most romantic guy I know, for instance I made origami roses for each month me and C were together and told her I would love her for as long as each rose would live.... I really want to be close with E like she's trying to be with me but idk why I feel so strange about it.... Just plz tell me any of your thoughts about it please, but nothing supper rude to be rude, if I wanted to be called gay or stupid I would talk to my brother about this.... Any REAL advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's totally normal dude. You got burned by one chick when you let it all out and now in the back of your mind those apprehensions are starting to surface. YOU be the one to take a step back. Not a break, but a step back. Come up with something that is going to take up more of your time, I don't know, a club, a softball team, anything, and see how she reacts. If she's reasonable, you'll be able to get a little space and determine if you like the space or if you miss her. This should help you find out if you're truly into this girl and are just freaking over the possibility of getting hurt again or if maybe the honeymoon is over and you really think it might be time to move on. Best of luck.

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    4 years ago

    Wow. You dated for 2 years earlier having intercourse?? i think of which you will have been saving your self for the marriage night and now sense undesirable which you probably did no longer. there is easily no longer something incorrect with what you're doing and characteristic completed or the place you do it. a minimum of you recognize you're sexually properly matched too. decide for it. relish it and get excitement from it. If it weren't for our young ones, we would make the assorted the full living house.....

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