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the oldest lithosphere found?

in the atlantic ocean basin

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    the oldest lithosphere is in the ancient cratons in the stable center of continental plates

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    The oldest oceanic lithosphere in the Atlantic is about 180 million years old.

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    Lithosphere is simply the rock covering the earth. All tectonic plates, oceanic and continental, are made of this stuff. Oceanic lithosphere is among the youngest on the planet because much of it gets subducted (that is like rock recycling). The oldest lithosphere is found on stable portions of several continental plates such as North America (Canadian Shield) and Australia (Pre-Cambrian rocks), where radiometric ages have been calculated at some 3.8 billion years.

    Lithosphere in the Atlantic Ocean basin is as old as about 200 million years, a fraction of the age of continental lithosphere found in the Canadian shield in North America.

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    This is true.

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