Are women now the aggressors in all these high profile sexual scandals?

Did Samson seduce Deliah or was it the other way?

And Salome got the head of John the Baptist?

It seems that We men are very easy marks with seductive women.... Petraeus, now that WaffleHouse CEO, a variety of former governors and others ... former President ...

The DJ Rick Dees used to joke "...make me write bad checks..." ... lol ... we are easy

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  • 8 years ago
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    Haven't they always been? And haven't they all had an agenda, sex is a tool.

  • lauren
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    8 years ago

    .. I think it is based on the chemistry...with some people it is just sooo strong.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's been my contention for years, that most extra-marital affairs and most "sex scandals" were the result of a women tempting a man beyond his ability to resist.

    When we are under stress, things are not going the best at home, often due to the stress, a soft, agreeable, and accessible women will seem like the answer. Wife or not.

    Throughout human history, women have been drawn to men with power and status.

  • 8 years ago

    Some women are attracted to glamour and power. They throw themselves at powerful men to bask in reflected glory. It's no secret. But men have a responsibility towards family and nation and those who succumb are weak!

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  • 8 years ago

    I've been wondering if this Kelly lady and her husband aren't a deep plant. They immigrated from Lebanon and have worked their way into the rich and famous military, when with their money they could have picked any social echelon they wanted. She seems to be more at the center of things than Petraeus girl friend. I'm a long way from a conspiracy nut ( don't believe any I've heard ) but it does seem odd.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The US has evolved to a woman's world. For the most part, they got the changes they clamored for and they did this largely w/o making concessions where they already had advantages. I championed their cause in the 70s. It turned out (in most cases), they wanted equality but where it suits them.

    The broken heart is not coming strictly out of my pocket again. Unless, as a single woman, she has supported her boyfriend, I suspect most females are unable to fully relate to what I'm referring to.

    I've dated dozens of women and not one time has any offered to treat me on a date. Most still expect the man to be pursuant and risk his ego by first date rejection.

    If she's aggressive, she most likely has an ulterior motive.

    It's a HUGE mistake to underestimate a woman as she has inherent skills of sexuality that are developed to various degrees. We men have become more susceptible to being victimized by this as the power shifted w/ the more equal distribution of earned income.

    I don't expect much support f/ the female contributors which represent a vast majority in this category (see SC leader board) but they didn't live life in my shoes.

    Some American females claim they aren't materialistic while they have 20+ pair of shoes in the closet.

    Source(s): The above (similar) answer was better appreciated in a different category where I suspect male participation more equal.;_ylt=AmbLz...
  • S
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    8 years ago

    Co it was that damn Eves fault.

  • 8 years ago

    It's the same thing with prostitution, it's a fact that men fall for anything that involves sex. Those women who know how to press the right buttons (they learned it early in life by being a daddy's girl and daddy spoiled them with material things, or the opposite occurre in that they learned they could get back at a man because of how their dad treated them, mean and abusive) so later on they learned how to use sex to their advantage knowing that those were the very same buttons they'd push to get what they wanted. They use it for position, for personal gain, and to get the riches they want. There is a caveat: know that not all women have learned how to push buttons or how to flirt or play the game, and know that there are a few men out there with little or no testosterone who are super self centered, these are the exceptions.

    no, women are not the aggressors, it's a two-sided thing. One who wants gain meets up with someone who gives to get. And, of course it's not right to type a person as being a player when they never learned how to play the game.

  • Power
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    8 years ago

    We all have to learn how to be treated. The reason many people are the way they are is they don't want to handle what comes along with the territory. A man who is at the top of his career. Has a lot of things he has to learn about how to manage the power he has.

    Yes, these women are taking advantage of these men. They know that it was the opposite for many years. Clergy often take advantage of the fearful by spreading news that the world is coming to an end. Advertisers tell women they need to look beautiful as if they are not unless they buy their product. Drug companies hire a fidgety, angry man to tell them democrats are the enemy. If I listened to Rush Limbaugh everyday I would want something for anxiety too.

    I never read the book Power Vs. Force but that name is coming to me right now.

    We all know one person or a few people often do not define a whole group.

    Something in each person attracts to them the energy that is a match to what they refuse to look at so was General Patraus refusing to see that he wants a young, hot, aggressive women to force him into what he would not allow on his own?

    For everything that happens the person it is happening to is either wanting it or refusing to look at it. Life is often a mirror of our hidden, dark side. We come out of the closet in ways that seem to be out of our control. There are no victims.

  • 8 years ago

    Paula could well have caused Petraeus to betray us, had she been a spy. She says she got information for her book. She had no business getting in his files, let alone his "drawers".

    Oh, what a tangled web, eh???

    Yes, in this case I feel she was the aggressor, she went after him while writing the book and he was a soft touch. Sucker!

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