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Lip RING keeps swelling?

I have had my lip pierced(middle of my lip) for about 6 months now, and I tried to put a ring instead of a stud 3 times but every time i do my lip swells a lot and it hurts. and i can last like 3 days with it because at that point the inside of my lip starts to split a little..I don't get it because it should have healed by now, and my piercer doesn't understand either and thinks that it may be caused by the fact that i once had a dental device (even though it was removed like 4 years ago so that doesn't make any sense) so does anyone know why, or lived the same thing ? :/

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    while lip piercings do generally take 2-3 months to heal, that isn't the case for everyone. I personally had a lip piercing take a little over 5 months to heal though I did my aftercare exactly the same as my already existing lip piercing. (totally stumped both me and my piercer, but yeah)

    You didn't indicate what material (or materials, if you've tried more than one) the ring(s) is(are) made of. You could have a sensitivity to certain metals (which actually is a larger potential factor since you once wore a dental device)

    If you've tried the same ring every time, the diameter of the ring COULD actually be a factor. A ring that is too small in diameter will create pressure points that cause swelling.

    You might even try a lip loop rather than a ring and see if that makes any difference.

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    Aspirin is a blood thinner so i might supply up taking that. Take an anti inflamatory like Ibuprofen. additionally practice ice to decrease the swelling, only practice for 20 minutes at a time tho. so a procedures as suggestion for putting the jewellery in, attempt stretching your lip out together as putting the submit in and in case you sense resistance pull it out and attempt returned do not rigidity it by way of.

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    I have a vertical labret as well. I would ask your piercer what gauge needle was used or jewelry was inserted. If it's not the right gauge then that explains the swelling. Is the jewelry you're using sterile? If the swelling is going away then infection isn't likely, but cleaning it really can't hurt. 1/8 tsp uniodized seasalt per cup of water (8 oz.)

    Source(s): 10 piercings of my own, one retired, including a vertical labret. Good luck!
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    Here's an idea, remove it completely and NEVER put it back in. Problem solved...

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