Why can't I download attachments?

When I click on the attachment, it does the virus scan, but never opens the attachment! Frustrating! Been going on for three days! Help!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Try this troubleshooting:


    If that helps, fine. If not: create an account with a different provider, forward the original mail incl. attachment/s to your new account, and open/download it from there. During the past 2 weeks more users than usual have reported the same problem like you, we all hoped that after the maintenance those problems would be over, but apparently they are not. And Yahoo is trying to downplay the problem by having a staff member answer all related questions with a canned response just 10 hrs before the answering period is over. Occasionally said staff member even claims there is no workaround although my suggested workaround has been helping quite a few users during the past 2 weeks.

    Note: I certainly appreciate all the help we can get from Yahoo staff, but I regard it as highly counter-productive, when a staff member tries to downplay a problem by claiming that it only affects a very small number of their customers. We don't know whether it only affects a small number of their customers, but something is definitely wrong if during a time span of only a few hours 3 YA pages are full of complaints about the same problem...:-(

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    This happened a couple of days ago and was they said fixed. Seems to have happened again since the maintenance. Try this link for advice on attachment problems.

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