I really like this woman but she...?

I really like this Woman she's 23 I'm 21 honest to God I like her for more than just her looks thing is even though she's attracted to me and even though she likes me she doesn't want to get involved with me bc she has a 3 year old daughter and she feels that being a full time mom she just won't be able normally I'd walk away respecting her wish but I like too much at this point we've only known each other for about 4 days and I feel like I can make her change her mind to at least let me take her out on a date...so basically my question is should I just give up. when someone says they are unavailable are they indeed unavailable and do you guys think she's testing me since she is a mother. And just your honest opinion on this situation

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    8 years ago
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    I have a friend in the same situation. DO NOT walk away from her. She may be afraid that you don't fully accept her because of the child. Get to know her and get to know the baby too. If she sees you connect with the baby, she'll start connecting with you too I promise! I hope this helps

    If you could will you please help me find out about this guy? I need to know what to do


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