How does a longtime Seattle native get a job in Portland, Oregon?

Before you tell me to just "get in line and apply like everyone else", consider THIS: I have read repeatedly and heard from other people who moved to Portland that getting a job lined up before you actually move there is fiercely competitive and if you aren't highly experienced and at the top of your game, you can forget it. The reason is that the city is a highly desirable place to be, but has a much weaker economy than say, Seattle and that makes the job market that more competitive. There also seems to be this silent opposition to people from the Seattle area moving to Portland and 'taking Oregon jobs'. I know for a fact that tech/software jobs are far more plentiful in the Seattle area than the Portland area,but as a person who is a bit odd I just don't have a place in the new Seattle anymore now that the gentrification is on a roll. So am I wrong that Portland is exclusive towards Seattle people looking to relocate??? I would appreciate it much if PORTLAND RESIDENTS would chime in on this and give me some advice. Perhaps I need to learn how to network?

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  • Bill
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    8 years ago
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    It depends. If you are a professional, you can send your resume and cover letter to prospective employers indicating your willingness to relocate. If you are just looking for retail or manufacturing/assembly positions, then you would probably need to move to Portland before you would be considered a viable candidate. Good Luck

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