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I feel alone with my best friend?

I have emetophobia, depression, I find it hard to make friends and I have bi-polar disorder sometimes I'm sensitive to words.

My online best friend (Jack) Is older than me, but he has another best friend too.

Not only his she his better friend, but he 'likes' her also.

He only talks to me if she isn't on and when she is, he talks to her, barely noticing me, he writes her cute notes and everything and I just feel alot like a third wheel. I've explained this to him, but he says nothing.. help?


Thank you for all your answers, but, I do have friend in real life, but, I spend a lot of my time online and I just wish he'd pay more attention to me when shes around.

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    online friendships are just for when you're on the computer for an hour or 2 a night. dont take them so seriously. You need real friends that you can go out to play with go to the mall with, go to the beach with... my advice to you would be to join a new hobbie or club in your school or in the community , you will gain confidence and new friendships with real people who you can have a good time with. Even might find someone you like ;) in that way hehe <3

    so dont wait around for jack, whom you already know fancies someone else. and babe be fair , if you really like someone you should want them to be happy even if its not with you :) so let him go and make new friend real friends,and you'll be so much happier i promise! <3

    Source(s): experienced something similar to this
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