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Kidney disease at 23?

I have been to the doctor many times and about 3 years ago he noticed protein in my kidneys. He said he would monitor it and let me know if I need to see a specialist. This would be if I kept having this. He hasnt mentioned anything since but I have a doctors appt coming up soon and I will ask if protein is still present because I had a urine test not long ago.

Since september until now ive noticed that I have to pee atleast one time during the night even if I dont drink a lot before bed. And most times it will be just a little bit of pee but I felt like I had to pee really bad and that it was uncomfortabe down there unless I went to pee. I feel like I have to go so bad each time at night.

if its my kidneys is it normal for it to feel uncomfortable down there?

Im really scared. Im still so young and I almost feel like im loosing strength/control down there but I DO NOT ever leak pee at all.

Any other idea of what this could be? Since I do have protein in my urine also.



I forgot to mention at my last doc appt in the spring he said the protein was still present and he was sending me for one more test and if still there he'd send me to a specialist

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    Protein in the urine doesn't mean anything in the absence of other symptoms, and urinary urges have nothing to do with kidney function, so there's really no indication from these things that anything is wrong with your kidneys. Difficulty in controlling peeing at night (nocturia) is usually very annoying and perplexing but seldom anything serious if there are no other symptoms. Maybe you have a very low grade bladder infection?

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