Pack rats in cars and potential damages.?

Yes a couple of years ago I was battling pack rats. Still have the vehicle, but wondering what all should be checked and how to be sure that there will be no surprises. I have some things that occur now that I suspect mean wiring harness did get damaged. What all should be checked to be confident about vehicle?

Asking MECHANICS, or someone who went through the entire problem successfully. Uninformed opinions don't help. Yes my insurance did repairs but (A) not pleased with the mechanics and (B) they claimed the adjustor wanted it on the cheap, so looking for folks with KNOWLEDGE about cars, not what you FEEL I should do.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Make sure there are no breaks in the vacuum hoses. Check all fluids and possible fluid leaks. Check the fuses. Please give more details about the type of car and condition it is in.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If storing a motor vehicle you block off all openings which comprise those under the hood with some stable fabric. be effective to you are able to desire to get rid of them till now commencing the vehicle back. If not storing then that is harder yet you ought to lay traps or discover preparation on a thank you to quickly block off as much as achievable without making it an inconvenience. There are additionally certainly one of those deterrents inclusive of liquefied warm peppers to make it distasteful to chew on issues.

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