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Its been weeks now i only eat like 400 calories a day i feel fine just sometime at night my stomach is buring?

Plz no stories my weight is now 60kg want to go back to 50 kg dont work out and dont give me sraving mode bulshit ! I do drink a lot of water and engery drinks so i feel fine but at night my stomach is burning how many weeks more before this go away and wil i reach my weight by desember if i contune this and dont tell me i will die its so yesterday! Im 30 years old have kids just wane go back to my normal weight plz any answers!!?

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    Even if you lose it you'll gain it all back,

    I suggest you go to a dietician

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    60 kg is a normal weight for a 30 year old woman. When you say you eat 400 cals a day, is that including energy drinks or not? energy drinks are loaded with calories, hence the name "energy drinks". You probably already know that eating 400 cals a day is just doing you damage. But did you know that eating 1500 calories a day, with no extra exercise, results in a weight loss of 1 pound a week? That would be a lot healthier, you probably wouldn't get stomach pains, and you wouldn't have to drink so many energy drinks which are really unhealthy anyway, they're just sugar and caffeine. combine a 1500 calorie/day diet with 30+ minutes of walking per day, and maybe some other light exercise, you'll lose 10kg is about 11 weeks. But that is assuming you have 10 kg of fat to loose, you only weigh 60kg, so you probably don't have that much fat to loose. 50kg is under 8 stone, that sounds really skinny, you'd have to loose muscle too. I don't recommend aiming for that, not only because it'd be less than healthy, but because i don't think you'd look good.

    If you don't like the way you look, weight loss isn't always the answer. You might want a better figure, in which case leg exercise like spin classes, squatting and jumping etc. would be necessary, that would mean you'd gain muscle while burning fat, so your overall weight may be the same or go up a little.

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