I was just charged with possession of less than 1/2 ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia .?

The police came to my townhome and said that they had a complaint for marijuana for this address. I'm sure this was b/c of the previous owner. I know my rights and wasn't about to let them in, but they said they just wanted to sit in the living room and talk. I trusted them and let them in, but in turn they actually searched my house and found my grinder with about .2 grams in it and a small bowl.

I am a broke college student. I have been charged with this before in the past, but got it all dropped and expunged. This is causing me a whole lot of stress. My school has found out about it. Can anyone help me out on some guidance on what steps i should take next? or what am i looking at for total cost out of my pocket b/c i can barley pay rent......, and i dont even want this on my record b/c im applying for jobs as an engineering student.

-any feedback will help, thanks


-well the officers had come b4 earlier in the year looking for my roommate, and i didn't let them in b/c they didn't have a warrant. They told me they would be back and they were only here to make sure that i wasn't a dealer selling large amounts. So when they came a second time, i figured i would just let them come into the living room to talk about it, b/c thats all they said they wanted to do. I thought this would convince them that i wasn't.

They were in the living room and they asked me if they could look through the rest of the house to make sure that i wasn't the only one home for their safety. They walked into my room and in plain sight on my drafting table was my paraphernalia. :(.....so am it s.o.l ?

Update 2:

*sigh, my house is clean, there is no smell, i only use marijuana as a stress reliever after i get my hw done late at night. If you don't know engineering hw can be really stressful at times. :/

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  • 8 years ago
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    you should have learned your lesson the first time you got busted. thats all i have to say, retard.

    oh and its not illegal search and seizure, like he said, he invited them in to sit. they smelled the marijuana in the house, thus giving them probable cause to search. :)

    can you prove they didnt smell it? no. ha! also, they didnt do anything illegal if you had it in plain sight and you let them walk around. oh, if its just sitting out on your table, chances are they could smell it anyways. marijuana does not releive stress, it hides it. just like alcohol. your retarded for using it.

  • 8 years ago

    dude i have to say, my sincerest apologies. that really sucks, pots getting legalized in wa and co and... i could go on forever it makes me sick. i could also go on forever saying how much i hate cops. little cock suckers. if you dont want trouble from cops, dont ever be nice to them. if thery ask if they can come in, its 'not without a warrant' and shut the door in their face. if they arrest you, say nothing but 'lawyer', or 'public defender'. if they ask you what you saw, 'i didnt see nothin'.. **** em.

    anyways, as i see it yeah, you might be s.o.l. that search sounds like it will hold up in any court. your best chance is to admit you were wrong and that your trying to 'turn ur life around'. beg with the judge(or whoever decides penalties in ur area), like you are telling us. i would nt tell him about ur first pinch unless he asks. where i am (nyc), a judge would just throw it out or give you c. service, etc.. not sure about where ur from.

    good luck bro, and **** that guy who says weed is for retards. probably some god damn homophobic racist trigger happy demon from texas.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, you invited them in, which is the first problem. However, if the stuff wasn't in plain sight, and they actually did have to search for it, it could be considered an illegal search and seizure. Did you give them permission to search? If not, you may be in luck.

  • 5 years ago

    You know what they call people who let cops into their homes? CONVICT. (aka Really Stupid)

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