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does shadow boxing increase stamina?

I do 3 full body work outs a week, and I rest 1 day between training. Could shadow boxing be a good exercise to do between these days just to increase stamina.

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    It Can, it mainly focuses on base punch speed and power especially if you're doing it with 5kg dumbells in each hands.

    But nothing beats Roadwork, if you want the stamina of Joe Frazier, Jog, Jog and jog again

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    Personally, dumbbells really didn't seem to increase my punching speed. If anything, it may have given my a false sense of speed increase. In actuality, using the dumbbells increased my punching endurance. For me personally, what I would use to improve punching speed is punch under water or something else I would do even more than the water thing is use pulley machines/cables at the gym. You are getting a constant resistance from the cable workouts. Using the dumbbells didn't give me the constant resistance, because the weight of them would just simply flow with the forward motion of the punches. Once again the pulleys or cables are constantly resisting you, it is always pulling back from the direct of your punches.

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    Shadow boxing alone can be a great work out depending on the intensity.

    Edit: Though I didn't see where you mentioned shadow boxing replacing roa

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    yes it increases stamina to a certain degree, but it doesn't beat doing roadwork

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