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Are there often misconceptions in perceptions?

Sharp in its purpose, its design

breaks the seal, you might assume

this is all about a bottle of wine.

It leaves behind what? A crimson stain

access, as smooth as a warm glass

a clean curve in hand, you didn't complain

as I pressed into the firmness

a little more pressure and I am there

drinking, but I regress

there is some sense of this, forbidden

but you expected what, a kiss?

feel the sinking until buried, hidden

Part of you eases, absorbed deliciously

pressure increases, releases

I have set your mortality

In that first swirl, then splashed

lifted, resting heavy and full

red against the glass

inhaled, a sip taken, beauty

sipping the smile, tasting

before sunrise, my duty

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    Wow Katherine! Lol uhm... I don't think there are any MISconceptions only perceptions. There is no actual WAY THINGS ARE. We can only experience this life by using the "filters" we already have. So in some ways everything is a misconception. P.s Interesting poem :-)

  • 8 years ago

    Mom I bet this about vampires, right? Yowee this is pretty cool.

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